And so my journey begins …

Hello and welcome and thankyou so much for dropping by – I’ll just take a moment to introduce myself for now, and will add more later, as I am actually much more interested in you and what you think.

My name is Elizabeth and I reached the age of fifty a few years ago (I’m now 63) thinking it would be horrendous, only to discover it’s not. Far from it in fact. It’s great!

For one thing, I am way more confident than I have ever been before and I now completely understand the saying “Don’t sweat the small stuff” – for example my worries are a fraction of what they used to be and not just because they have reduced significantly from, say, in my thirties and forties, but also because I have realised that worrying is pointless.

If I find myself worrying then I just ask myself this question – “Can I do anything about it?” If the answer is no, then it is pointless to worry as it won’t change the outcome. If the answer is yes then there is no need to waste time worrying, just sort it. And that is the crux of the matter – worrying changes nothing, nada, zilch. But what it does do is age you. Those restless or sleepless nights will soon be reflected in your face. And, if you are unfortunately tempted to comfort eat, then that will soon be reflected in your figure too. And most of us know how that muffin top tries to stick to us like cookie dough after a certain age.

So, I gave it some thought and decided I wasn’t ready to morph into a lifeless overweight couch potato, just spending my days mainly watching TV (which incidentally I love) until I had to be carried from my home by ten unfortunate men, bedraggled, covered in crisps and donuts and with my hair looking similar to that of Sideshow Bob.

I actually had this thought whilst still in my fifties, hoping not to enter my sixties overweight, rather worn out and somewhat lethargic but, as per usual, life got in the way and I was so busy with work at that time that I let things slide – hence I find myself now in my early sixties about a stone overweight and looking a bit faded and jaded and past my sell by date. I wish I had found the time to do this just as I turned fifty, of course I do, but better late than never.

I may be over fifty, and sixty, but I still want to look attractive, elegant, trim and healthy moving forward into my mid sixties and seventies and beyond.

I have, therefore, hatched a plan which is not too drastic yet which I think will work well for me long term as I admit I can be a bit lazy when it comes to exercise and I am easily distracted (pass me that chocolate muffin would you). I plan to treat each day as an adventure, inching forward every day by even the smallest amount – the most important thing being that I am going in the right direction to lose weight, get fitter, maintain a better (but not boring) diet and to look as fabulous as possible. In fact, I’d go as far as to say hot (and I don’t mean in a menopausal flush way). And yes, I do think you can be hot at any age – Diane Keaton for one is just gorgeous and she’s in her seventies but you can bet your bottom dollar she doesn’t look like that by sitting on her sofa with a big tub of ice cream watching her old films all day. If you Google it you’ll see dozens of mature women who still have it all going on.

My friend bought me a sign for my study which says “Do something today that your future self will thank you for” … well, this is it, a blog of my journey which I hope you will enjoy and hopefully find useful too as I plan to experiment with lots of different lotions, potions, menus and health tips along the way to find out what really works best for me, and hopefully for you too. And, of course, any tried and tested recommendations you would like to share with me will be gratefully received, thankyou!

Elizabeth x



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