Twizzles, planking & fat burning

Hello again! Well day one went well, especially as I only did a few arm twizzles (I’ll explain later) and then planked for just seven seconds followed by a generous slice of key lime pie early evening as a reward. Although, in mitigation, in the morning I walked my dogs around a nearby lake which is just over two miles so I figured I had already walked off the pie long before I ate it. Today, however, is day two and this is where the work needs to begin – I’m working on a little and often premise so that I don’t get bored or injured.

I went onto YouTube the other day and found this great little video of arm exercises for the over fifties to combat, eew, I can barely bring myself to say the words … bingo wings!

I didn’t think I had them until I caught myself in a reflection as I was waving off a friend – I remember thinking I can’t recall wearing a cape today as I saw everything flapping about. It shocked me that I hadn’t noticed them before – so they have to go, and fast!

I’ll try and find the link and then I’ll try to add it on here – my computer skills don’t really go much beyond emailing, pictures and games.

Here it is, just click on this then click on the link that pops up:

Toned arm workout for women over fifty

Wow, I’ve actually impressed myself doing that (I’m easily pleased lol), although I’m not entirely sure I’ve done it right, but it works.

Back to the arm twizzles (or, more correctly, arm circles) I mentioned earlier. I found these on YouTube too:

Arm twizzles

I do 25 in one direction, then 25 in the opposite direction first thing in the morning, then the same again at night. It’s not a lot probably but I’m only a beginner and it’s still a hundred a day and I can already see a difference. Definitely more toned.

Now, back to the aforementioned planking – I read somewhere that the plank is one of the best exercises for core conditioning and, as well as working your glutes and hamstrings, it encourages proper posture, and improves balance. I then saw a woman doing this, on yes you’ve guessed it YouTube, and she made it look so easy. She said “Just start off holding this pose for 25 seconds a day at first and increase the time every second day”. I got into position and then tried to raise my body of the ground and could not believe how difficult it was – it felt as though I weighed two tons! I could hardly lift my carcass off the floor, it just felt as though the gravitational pull of this planet was too strong for me. Seriously. I managed just five seconds on my first try, but now I can do a whole seven seconds … even though it is agony.

I’ll try and find the video I first saw and you can see this woman – it looks like she is floating on air, it’s just so effortless for her.


Unfortunately I can’t find the video I first saw but if you enter ‘How to plank for beginners’ on YouTube there are lots to choose from. Let me know how you get on – did you beat my seven second record? No way lol.

And do check this out, a little gem I stumbled across which seems to address so many of my dietary and weight loss problems … ie I think it’s SO hard to lose excess weight particularly after turning fifty, and my stomach is way more sensitive than it was when I was younger. I used to be able to eat anything and everything back in the day but now I have to think twice before consuming an increasing number of things. Chinese deep fried King Prawns in a sweet and sour sauce for example – I love these with a passion, always have, but I now know full well there will be a price to pay later. Too high a price for me unfortunately as I know that I will be left feeling sluggish and bloated and then have a restless nights’ sleep.

Anyway, whilst doing some research online I found this digital manual online and found it really interesting:

The Fat Burning Kitchen – Your 24-Hour Diet Transformation to Make Your Body a Fat-Burning Machine

<a href=”; target=”_top”>Click Here!</a>

There’s loads of really great info in here, much of which I didn’t know – for example did you know that many whole grain crackers, breads, and cereals (all of which I eat and enjoy) could actually be packing more body fat on you? Also they offer a 100% money back guarantee which I think is always reassuring plus it makes me think they know what they are talking about otherwise everyone would be asking for their money back.

Please do let me know if this manual has helped you, or perhaps you can recommend another which might help me as well.

Ok, I’ve just noticed that it’s now almost 6pm so I need to start thinking about dinner – Mmm, Chinese deep fried King Prawns in a sweet and sour sauce. If only!!

Elizabeth x



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