Don’t look at me!

Hi everyone! I’ve woken this morning feeling fully refreshed and fighting fit (which is actually completely untrue – I look terrible and I’m fairly sure that if a member of the public saw me right now I would probably get poked with a stick to check I was still alive). What’s happened? I ate a late supper – and I stayed up late watching TV eating a very generous size prawn cocktail (without the healthy salad bit) followed by chocolate orange creams, that’s what. So, shoot me. Yes, seriously, it would be the kindest thing to do today – just put me out of my misery please.

I feel awful. My hair has left me looking like the wild man of Borneo, a side effect of a really restless night, and I am bloated and can hardly move. Anyway, enough of me, let’s talk about you … ok, no sorry, it’s just too soon I’m afraid so back to me. As you have probably already realised I am not one to complain … have I mentioned I feel rough?

Elizabeth x

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