YouTube & Coco Pops

OMG yesterday was dire but today I have woken to a brand new day, feeling bright and breezy, yay! And I see I have some new followers, thankyou so much and welcome – how lovely of you to join me!

I was too weak to get up to much yesterday so basically just lounged around enjoying my preferred drug of choice – YouTube. Yes, I think I may indeed be addicted to it but it’s just so fascinating on there. One minute I’m looking at wobbly footage of alien beings (no, it wasn’t filmed in Walmart), then a shark attack (I pressed that one by mistake) and then this humongous woman with smudged eye makeup and a marshmallow stuck to her long tangled hair – my first thought right then and there was “Oh, I didn’t know my phone could be a mirror too” before realising it wasn’t me. Phew! That vision, however, has thankfully put me back on the right track.

Anyway, I was Googling away in bed last night (ooh er, NOT a euphemism) and I found this blog similar to mine but the lady in question, who is just a year younger than me at 62 but way heavier (check out my smug face), has decided to keep a photo blog. Yes, good idea you might be thinking … but she has decided to pose in the smallest string bikini so that we can all see what an absolute wildebeest she is at the start of her journey (no offence)! Now that is one brave woman. And before you ask, no you won’t have to endure that from me.

But what would be a reasonable amount of time to elapse, I wonder, before I notice my endeavours coming to fruition? I’m thinking a couple of weeks preferably as I am really impatient and have an extremely low boredom threshold. Actually though, I have read that the longer it takes to lose weight and get into shape then the longer lasting the effects will be. We’ve all seen these zelebrities in the media who look as though they have eaten their entire family one minute and then suddenly they bring out a work out video and then these same zelebrities shrink massively and rapidly whilst shouting “I know I said I loved being a jolly fat person but I was lying” … three months later they appear even bigger than when they started and their workout videos (aka cash injections much needed to pay for lots of pies) can only be found in bins and skips (where they themselves can sometimes be found I’ve heard, searching for anything remotely edible). In fact, I’ve heard that one ex soap “star” was once spotted down at her local tip chewing on the back of an old leather sofa. It’s true I tell you!

Anyway, back to me and so far today I have done 50 arm twizzles and planked for eleven whole seconds – and I have also had a remarkable stroke of good luck. I came across an article which stated that Coco Pops are good for you because they contain a high amount of iron. I gave up smoking almost three years ago, for obvious reasons, and then gave up cows milk a year ago having read some really grotesque facts about it but now I use almond milk instead and much prefer it (it seems to suit me personally better than soya milk) and on Coco Pops it’s divine.

What luck, because I love them! So I jogged to the shops this afternoon (in the car) and I am just about to enjoy a delicious bowl full. Heaven!

Missing you already, Elizabeth x