What most women do? Surely not.

Hello everyone and I hope this finds you all happy and well.

I was driving into the city this morning, listening to an obscure radio station when the presenter asked listeners to phone in with their answers to the following question:

What is it that most women do at least once a month but some women do at least once a week?

My thought was changing the bed – I do this at least once a week, as I imagine a lot of people do. And that answer would also take into account the lazy mares who might change it only once a month (but would they even admit to that?).

Someone quickly phoned in with the most obvious answer (sex) but that was wrong.

Someone else phoned in and said “Shower” – please, no, don’t let that be the answer!

Someone else said “Wash their hair” – whaaat? Just once a month? Wrong again.

The suggestions were coming thick and fast, with me saying continuously in the background “Change the bed”, then forced to increase my volume substantially “CHANGE THE BED” when no-one would say it.

Eventually, the presenter said that every single caller had guessed incorrectly so he would have to tell us the answer.


It was crying!!

He claimed that it is a scientific fact that most women cry at least once a month but some cry at least once a week?

Really?? I think I have cried on just two occasions so far this year (and we are now in September) – once when I saw on the news that a rhino had been killed and the other time was watching a film. I can’t, however, remember which film so the emotional impact on me was only fleeting.

In my opinion that presenter should have then done a second phone in: What’s everyone crying about? I wonder what YOUR guess would be?

Elizabeth x