Shut up you fool, just shut up.


“I’ve never felt this scared in my whole life”.

“It’s so brutal”.

“This is a battlefield”.

“We’re at war”.

“I am literally fighting for my life”.

The above are all quotes which you might think accompanied the truly harrowing battlefield scenes in a recent episode of the most excellent television dramatisation of ‘Vanity Fair’. Or from the brilliant new thought provoking film ‘Hostiles’, which I watched at the weekend. Or perhaps from the coverage of some terrible tragedy featured on the news. But no, none of these and nothing like that.

These are, in fact, the sentiments openly expressed by some of the latest batch of mainly completely deluded individuals who are contestants in the long past it’s sell by date (in my opinion) X Factor.


I find their comments hugely insulting to those who carry out really difficult and unpalatable tasks every day in their chosen professions, for example the military, the police, health sector workers, carers etc.  And I personally think that the whole lot of them need a good dose of actual reality and should be assigned to serve compulsory military service, for at least a year … and then let’s ask those greedy self obsessed fools how brutal they really think singing on a TV show is!

Enjoy your day,

Elizabeth x


5 thoughts on “Shut up you fool, just shut up.

      1. Those who have never served have no clue what a battlefield is. For those of us who do, we know that true heroes are rare to come by. I’m no hero, but I have walked among a few. I’m just an average guy from Kansas, who is now a nutrition and fitness writer. My blog is
        I write not only about nutrition and fitness, but stress too. In my early blog pieces, I write of my post traumatic stress and how I still manage to live a healthy life despite sometimes wanting to drop to my knees and scream…

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      2. Hi David, I’m already following your blog – I love it, thankyou. “Make your world small” – excellent advice! I have only just started my blog, at the start of my journey as I am completely overhauling all areas of my life to enable me to enter my senior years with reduced stress and increased health and well being. I shall follow your blog avidly. Thankyou, my friend.


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