Fascinating fact of the day …

Hello everyone!

Now here is a fascinating fact I have just discovered … and why I love dogs!


I heard on TV (so I guess it must be true) that each person in the civilised world can expect to meet approximately 80,000 other people during their lifetime.

Wow! Eighty thousand people.

Mathematically, I’m in the last quarter of my lifetime (having just turned sixty-four and assuming my lifespan is eighty years) and so I have already met approximately 64,000 of them so far.

Out of those 64,000 people I have been in love with just 2.

And I truly love perhaps another 20 people.

And am inspired by just a few more than that.

But I think it’s a fairly safe bet that more than 63,000 of them have irritated me.

And I think it’s also safe to say that I have met more than 10,000 complete dickheads.

10,000 dickheads! Who knew there could be so many per person?

Elizabeth x