Breaking the ice habit …

Hello everyone!

My friend Jefferson has been feeling a bit lethargic of late, and has felt for some time that he had a cold starting but it’s never amounted to anything more.

The strange thing is he is ‘addicted’ to ice and only ever drinks ice cold drinks, and LOTS of them, and never ever has warm or hot drinks.  Literally, without exception, every single drink he has is ice cold – that’s just been his personal preference.


I know that the Chinese were the first to discover that drinking ice cold water, especially after a meal, is bad for your health as it can adversely affect the digestion process. It’s because the ice cold liquid constricts the digestive tract, making the digestive process more difficult and therefore the body then doesn’t get the proteins and nutrients needed for other organs to function properly.

So, by drinking ice cold drinks, the whole body is affected.

The optimum temperature for body enzymes to work best is 37 – 42 degrees Celsius and when you drink ice cold liquid the process of your body warming up the liquid requires a substantial amount of energy which was supposed to be allocated for processing proteins and nutrients, thereby aiding more effective digestion. As a result of this energy being diverted you also feel tired sooner.

Also, very cold liquid leads to solidified fat in the stomach which requires the body to use even more energy to break it down.

And ice cold drinks can also add unnecessary stress to both tissues and blood vessels which in turn hinders the functioning of the circulatory system.

Ultimately, over a period of time and certainly after a meal, drinking ice cold drinks can lead to multiple problems including indigestion, excess mucus production (hence Jefferson often feeling as though he has a cold starting) which in turn can weaken your immunity system.

Who knew?

Get well soon Jefferson!

Elizabeth x