It’s no skin off my nose … or is it?

Hello everyone … I’ve just been itching to share these words of wisdom with you:

If it’s dry, moisturise it.

If it’s moist, dry it.

Congratulations, you are now a dermatologist!

Seriously though, scratch that. You probably already know that your skin is the largest organ you have (covering an area of two square metres on average) and that it obviously plays an imperative role in protecting your muscles, bones and internal organs from exterior infections and diseases, as well as playing an essential role in detecting, controlling and regulating your body temperature.

But not only is your skin the largest organ you have but it’s also one of the most complicated – maintaining health and, indeed, life itself. Complicated, and quite possibly problematic, given that there are over three thousand possible skin disorders currently in existence. And changes to your skin can naturally signal changes to your health.

Incidentally, yet another fascinating fact, your skin is thickest on your feet and thinnest on your eyelids. Yep, fairly obvious if you think about it.

But did you know that you shed approximately 30,000 – 40,000 dead skin cells every single minute? That’s millions of dead skin cells every day. And they obviously don’t all drop off at once – you are literally leaving a trail of dead skin everywhere you go.

In fact, the entire surface of your skin is replaced every month! How amazing is that! Except for the dust you cause along the way of course –  because the dust that collects on your furniture etc is mostly dead skin cells from you and any other passing human. And, incredible as this is, you will actually shed more than eight pounds of dead skin each and every year.

So, next time you watch a ray of light shining through a window into a room, and you can see all these tiny specks floating about in the air – that’s quite probably minute particles of you and your friends and family.

Personally I’m a bit OCDish at the best of times and so I definitely don’t want to be inhaling other people, not even the ones I love, so I think I’ll start wearing a mask indoors. And no, before you ask, I don’t think that’s at all odd!

Oh dear, now my mind is starting to run riot – what about in a nightclub, for example, where hundreds of random people are dancing energetically? They must be shedding shed loads of dead skin cells! Although to be honest, I’m unlikely to be found in a nightclub these days (having recently celebrated my 64th birthday) but if I were to go then I would most definitely wear a mask there!

OMG, and what about on public transport such as the tube? All those people scuffing against one another? I would definitely need a mask there.

Oh, you’re picturing a rather neat plain white surgical mask?

I’m not – I’m picturing something more like THIS little beauty which I think I could just about pass off as a fashion accessory …


Very steampunk … and not as ridiculous as you might think when you are at home sitting on your sofa, mask free, but breathing in bits of your friends or relatives!

Definitely food for thought …

Elizabeth x

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