Is being bigger better?

Hello everyone, I hope you are all happy and well and that life is being kind to you. Also, may I just say a big thankyou to everyone who is following my blog, it is VERY much appreciated!


Now, according to my friend Jefferson there has been a huge increase in the sales of plus size televisions recently – plus size generally being considered as 60″ and over. There has been a staggering 200% increase year on year apparently and these super sized screens are allegedly fast becoming the must have item.

Just ten years ago the most popular size sold was a mere 36″ – I myself have a 42″ tv which is approximately ten years old and which I still consider to be quite large and super luxurious and indulgent. In fact, I think I’d need a bigger sitting room if I wanted a bigger television.

Apparently, whenever there is a World Cup then television sales rise rather dramatically as people will be entertaining at home and hosting World Cup parties. Obviously I knew football fans gathered in pubs to worship together but private World Cup parties at home? I’ve been blissfully unaware of these until now and didn’t even know such a thing existed – and I’ve certainly never been invited to one. Thank goodness!


In fact, I find the World Cup irritating at the best of time as it interferes with my favourite programme, Coronation Street, which I have watched since the very first episode (except for the year when I lived in India – they didn’t watch it there oddly enough).


And yes, I am aware that I may be damaging my own street cred by admitting I am a devout Corrie fan but, for┬áme, Coronation Street is like a much loved and well worn tatty old security blanket. I find the theme tune, and even the accents, soporific to such a degree that it’s like journeying back in time to when my mother would be preparing our evening meal over an open fire as my father cheerfully whittled on a stick.

Oh, hang on … rewind please, that must be someone else’s childhood memory as my mother certainly never ever cooked and neither did my father whittle to my knowledge.

Even so, there is something about Corrie which makes me feel secure somehow. Sad, but true.

So, will I be investing in one of these super size television sets?

No, absolutely not. I certainly don’t want Norris to be larger in life than me and neither do I want Rita’s enormous but carefully coiffured ginger wig cluttering up my sitting room – and it would clash horribly with my decor.

Have a fabulous day!

And thankyou again for taking the time to read this,

Elizabeth x