So which do YOU prefer, red or blue?

Hello everyone! It’s very cold and wet here in Norfolk but I hope it’s much nicer where you are.

I think today is a rather good day for snuggling up in front of the fire and enjoying a good book, together with a hot cup of tea and my favourite cocoa dusted almonds. I always think that staring into the flames of an open fire conjures up all sorts of thoughts …


I once knew a rather famous and very well regarded photographer who told me that you should always inject even the smallest amount of the colour red into everything, whether it be an outfit, a room or a garden setting for example, to bring everything else to life.

I was reminded of this having just read an interesting article about the psychology behind the colour red. It is apparently a very emotionally intense colour which can actually increase our respiration rate and raise our blood pressure.

And studies have shown that if a woman wears red, as opposed to any other colour, then men are more likely to be attracted to her. I read somewhere that scientists carried out an experiment where they had two almost identical looking women and dressed them in dresses of an identical style but one wore a red dress and the other wore a different colour and when asked to choose, without exception, all the men preferred the woman in the red dress.


Obviously, it’s a rich warm colour and it can on occasions evoke heightened and powerful emotions such as seduction and passion – if you think of sexy lingerie for example then often the sauciest examples are red in colour or trimmed with red lace or feathers.


Which in turn reminds me of the time many moons ago when, newly married, I bought this very frivolous and outrageously expensive black satin baby doll nightdress which was generously trimmed with black feathers. It sounds pretty hideous now but I promise you it was exquisitely beautiful at the time. I thought I looked the bees knees until I awoke the next morning to discover my nightdress was almost bald but the bed looked as though there had been a fight to the death between two blackbirds! Très embarrassant.

Thankfully, I have evolved over time and would never buy anything which involved feathers now as it is so cruel how the feathers are harvested in some cases.

Anyway, I digress, back to red. So we know it’s associated with love, with red roses being the traditional symbol of true love. And it’s also associated with anger, as in ‘seeing red’, as well as warning of danger. Obviously, much of this symbolism is entrenched in the past when the colour red first represented blood and fire.

Rather weirdly though, some scientific studies have shown that if someone prefers red over blue it may indicate they have a more hostile personality! Oops, that’s a bit awkward as I much prefer red to blue – so that must be a load of boll**ks then as anyone who knows me knows I’m not bl**dy hostile! And I’ll fight anyone who says I am.

So, which do YOU prefer? Red or blue?

Interesting, very interesting!

Elizabeth x







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