P P P Pick up a pebble …

Hi everyone, and I hope this post finds you all happy and well.

It occurred to me, whilst I was daydreaming, that pretty much everyone loves penguins. Well, I know I do. And I can’t ever recall anyone bad mouthing them or talking about their hatred of them, as in “I hate spiders”.

And, of course, there are lots of them to be seen in adverts on tv etc, particularly at this time of year.


So yes, I think we are all agreed that they are absolutely adorable – and even more so now I know this about them …

Most penguins are monogamous, meaning that the pairs will mate exclusively with each other for the duration of the mating season, and many will then mate for life.

But what I didn’t know is that the males of certain breeds of penguins, such as the Adelie and the Gentoo, actually propose by scouring the beach for the most perfect pebble they can find and then present it to their chosen mate, hoping that she will accept the pebble and they will then become a pair and mate for life.


Much the same courtship as a human male presenting a diamond to his chosen mate before the mating ritual begins – but if you consider the general behaviour that many of the muppets featured on reality tv display to their peers these days, then the human couple will probably have at least three or four kids between them already. And she now wants a bigger diamond and a new mate who will bring home extra bacon. One that works out to look more buff. Oh, and she wants a bigger nest too.

Call me old fashioned but I think penguins have got it sussed.

Elizabeth x





2 thoughts on “P P P Pick up a pebble …

    1. Hello David and thankyou for your message – yes, they are really lovable little creatures. So sorry I haven’t replied before, I haven’t been too well but am much better now and just waiting for some inspiration to write again., Hope you are doing well, very best wishes to you!


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