Hello and welcome! My name is Elizabeth and at the age of 64, and as a Life Coach and Personal Development Mentor with a Diploma in Psychology, a Certificate in Achieving Personal Success, and having served a rather lengthy apprenticeship at the School of Hard Knocks, I choose to see life from a different perspective these days.

I like to avoid drama whenever possible, living a peaceful and chilled out life close to the sleepy Norfolk Broads enjoying the company of my dogs, Mrs Temple-Savage and Philip, and my friends and family.


Having travelled extensively in my younger days (I have been to Afghanistan three times, for example, and also lived in India for a year) I’m fairly settled at the moment but who knows where the wind may take me next year …

I’m a keen observer of life, and try to find humour in most situations, and I could happily spend an afternoon just people watching – they fascinate me – and so I thoroughly enjoy the internet, particularly YouTube and now WordPress which I have only recently discovered.

I really hope you will enjoy reading my blog, which aims to offer a lighthearted yet sensible approach to encouraging good mental and physical health for the over 50’s through diet, exercise and positive thinking.

Thankyou so much for your time, and I hope that some of the things which have helped me may help you too.

Elizabeth x